Why Mobile Grooming?

When people ask for information about my service and what I do, I often ask them if they have ever had a mobile grooming service before.  More often than not, they never have and they are not sure what to expect.  So here are some points to consider when choosing a mobile groomer over a salon setting and why you may find that mobile is the way to go:

  • Convenience:  This is probably the number one reason to choose a mobile groomer over a salon.  As a mobile groomer, I come to you, so you don’t have to rush your pet to a salon to meet an appointment time, dirtying up your vehicle along the way and you don’t have to interrupt your busy day trying to get back to the salon in time to pick up your pet.
  • Less Stress:  Busy pet grooming salons can be noisy, distracting places. Barking dogs, phones ringing, loud equipment running and people shouting above all of that can certainly increase a dog’s anxiety.  With mobile grooming, it’s just me and your dog. Virtually all of those distractions are gone. More importantly, your dog is just outside your front door so you can check in and see how he’s doing!
  • No Contact with Other Client Pets:  Mobile groomers work with one client at a time.  So when I am at your home, I’m only working on YOUR pet (or pets).  So the chance for any communicable disease or parasite to be transferred to your pet is nil.
  • No Waiting or Cage Drying:  As a mobile groomer I work on your dog from start to finish. There is no sitting in cages for long periods of time waiting to be groomed and there is no cage drying after the bath.
  • One on One Personal Grooming Service for Your Pet:  When you choose Pawzazz Mobile Grooming, your pet will always receive one-on-one attention from start to finish!  You will know who is handling your pet and, more importantly, your dog and I will get to know each other.  This further alleviates your pet’s stress as he will recognize me when I arrive. It’s so exciting when I arrive at my client’s home and I see my furry friend is wagging his tail all excited to see me!
  • VALUE:  When selecting a new groomer, you may find that features like premium shampoo, a relaxing Blueberry Facial, nail grinding, and, yes, even one-on-one service, are sold as upgrades in many salons. As a mobile groomer, all of those items are included as part of my service. In fact, I only use all natural products.  So while mobile grooming may seem a little higher priced than brick and mortar salons, you may find that the convenience, time savings, value and peace of mind that you receive in return is well worth the additional expense to have your dog groomed and perfumed right at your doorstep!  Call me to learn more:  845-551-8397.

🙂 Denise