Pawzazz Mobile Grooming

Welcome to the official home page of Pawzazz Mobile Grooming – providing full pet grooming services right at your doorstep!

With Pawzazz Mobile Grooming your pet receives a full salon experience from the quiet comfort of our fully-equipped and climate-controlled grooming salon on wheels!  Grooming Services include:

  • A Luxury Bath to Get Your Furry Friend Super Clean and Fresh
  • A Relaxing Blueberry Facial™
  • Blow Dry
  • Pads Trimmed
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Sanitary Area Trimmed
  • Brush and Comb out
  • Basic Dematting or Deshedding
  • Basic Haircut
  • Bow or Bandana
  • Finishing cologne so your pet smells wonderful!

Additional Services Offered Include:

  • Deluxe, Breed specific or Asian Style Haircut
  • Full Shavedown
  • Deluxe Dematting Service
  • Deluxe Deshedding Service
  • Teeth Brushing – Includes a New Toothbrush For Your Pup!
  • Anal Glands Express (By Request and External Only)
  • Deluxe Bows/Adornments – New Styles Always Coming
  • Temporary Hair Color!

With Pawzazz Mobile Grooming, your furry friend will receive one-on-one personal attention from the beginning to the end of his style session.  Your pets will not sit in cages for extended periods of time waiting to be groomed.

Best of all, you will save time in your busy day as you no longer need to schedule time to drop off and pick up your pet at the grooming salon!   Your pets will be clean and so will your car!

Contact DENISE to see how a Pawzazz Mobile Grooming can make beautifying your pets a breeze!